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Pharmacy Instruments

CosLab Instruments a prime manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Pharmacy Instruments which includes Ampule Filling and Sealing Devices, Bicycle Ergograph, Bottle Filling Machines, Rotary Vacuum Film Evaporator, Centrifuge Machines, Tablet Coating Pan, Ointment / Cream Filling Machines, Digital Potentiometers are among some Pharmacy Lab Instruments and Equipments


COSLAB Model PI – 8Ampule Filling and Sealing Device

COSLAB Model PI – 8Ampule Filling and Sealing Device : Hand Operated without gas cylinder for sealing, but supplied with gas burner (Filling capacity from 10ml to 50ml)

COSLAB Model PI – 9Ampule Filling & Sealing Machine (Electric Operated): Same as above but completely motorised with capacity adjustments.

ball mill motor driven

COSLAB Model PI – 14 Ball Mill Motor Driven : For mixing & grinding, electrically operated having capacity of few gms to 1 KG & 2 KG. Fitted with geared motor with max speed of 80 rpm. The jar is made of SS and having steel balls of different sizes to be put in jar for mixing & grinding pesticides power. Jar is interchangeable and easily removable, light in weight and compact unit working on 220 V AC with 1 KG cap.

−− do −−SS Drum 2 KG capacity

−− do −− Aluminium Drum 1 Kg Capacity

−− do −− Aluminium drum 2 KG capacity

bicycle ergograph

Bicycle Ergograph: A bicycle frame is supported by a wooden stand, from the front of which two uprights ascend and carry a desk and cross piece, which provide for the attachment, directly in front of the subject, of the tension balances and other pieces in front of the subject, of the tension balances and other pieces of apparatus. A cast iron wheel of 5 1/2 feet in circumference, weighing 22 Kilos and mounted on ball bearing, is substituted for the back wheel. This wheel has slightly beveled edges and is turned true. To the circumference of this, a stout calico is applied, and the two ends of the band ate attached to spring balances of 6 lbs. range (Graduated in one oz.) calico-band to the balance pass round adjustable pulleys in order to give them the right direction. An adjustable record counter records the revolution of the wheel.



COSLAB Model PI – 19 Bottle Filling Machine

COSLAB Model PI – 19 Bottle Filling Machine : Semi Automatic electric operated having filling cap. 50 to 300ml. Complete stainless steel body.

  • With single syringe

  • With double syringe



Rotary Vacuum Film Evaporator

Rotary Vacuum Film Evaporator (Buchi Type) : This model of evaporator is supplied complete with A.C. non-sparking geared drive unit, support stand fitted with jack arrangement of stainless steel rod for positioning glass assembly, variable speed regulator, thermostatically controlled stainless steel water bath fitted on a jack, double coiled glass condenser with three opening for vacuum and cooling, pear shape evaporating flask capacity 800ml. receiver flask capacity one litre with ball joint, feeding tube and vapor path tube, a complete working unit. All parts are power coated with apoxy / polyster hybrid, textured, Siemens grey finish.



Centrifuge  Machines

Centrifuge Machine:



tablet coating pan

COSLAB Model PI – 85 Tablet Coating Pan : 12" Dia, Stainless Steel  : The machine is worked by oil immersed gearbox with 1/4 H.P. motor driven, or by heavy duty DC geared motor. Air blower is operated independently and air is thermostatically controlled to give temperature 30° to 110°C. Switches for motor & blower are fixed on a panel with neon indicators. Also mains lead with 15 Amp plug provided.   



ointment filling machines

Ointment / Cream Filling Machine : Electrically operated. Suitable to fill tubes, bottles etc in the range of 5gms to 90gms. per stroke, motorised operated (motor 1/2 HP or DC geared motor) The unit is supplied complete with 3 set of standard nozzles and all electrical accessories in the motorized models.  



digital potentiometer

Digital Potentiometer :



colony counter

COSLAB Model CLEM – 36 Colony Counter: Digital Display, these are designed to provide light effects for multipurpose viewing in bacteriology, virology & Mycology labs. An ideal instrument for counting bacterial and mould colonies in culture work. It provides uniform flare free illumination to minimise the strain on eyes and clearly defines even small colonies. A 100mm dia lens covers the entire illuminations field and its magnification assures highly accurate results. Counting plate with standard wolfhugel ruling ensures clealy differentiated and sharply defined colonies. Supplied complete with counting plate, lens, cord and plug.     



friability test apparatus

COSLAB Model PI – 47 Friability Test Apparatus: Used to determine the durability and abrasivness of tablets. A transparent perpex drum (made of imported perspex sheet 6.4mm thick ) 300mm dia x 35mm deep and white cover disc and nut, also a shaped radial fixed blade which carries the tablets along with it up to the central height and lets them off while the drum is rotating. Thus the tablets rub against each other without any hard impact. The drum rotates at a fixed speed of 30 RPM by a geared motor and the rotation period is controlled by a timer (imported time switch duration of 1 to 15 minutes) per determined end preset. The motor unit is housed in a shaped steel cabinet with shaft extended on one side upon which the drum rotates. Switches with neon indicators and time switch are fitted on a panel and provided work on 220 Volts 50 C/s AC. Digital models also available.       



friability test apparatus

Friability Test Apparatus : −− do −− same as above but with double drum  



digital bulk density apparatus

COSLAB Model PI – 20 Digital Bulk Density Apparatus :



prescription balance

COSLAB Model PI –  63 Prescription Balance : Preferably Torsion with a removable glass pan or S.S pan suitable for weighing 50gms to 200gms and sensitivity 30gms for one division indicator shifting on the index plates (Known as dispensing balance)  Available in following ranges

  • 50gms

  • 100gms

  • 200gms



dissolution rate test equipment

COSLAB Model PI – 37 Dissolution Rate Test Equipment : The apparatus consists of 4 parts. A water bath with 500 watt heater covered 1000ml. Vessel made from Borosil Glass and digital temperature control. Variable speed motor, with 30 cms longs stainless steel shaft. A cylindrical stainless steel basket and a membrane fixing attachment, water bath is made of imported thick acrylic sheet with transparent cover at top. Temperature of the bath is maintained at 37°C with an accuracy of ±1°C. A cylindrical glass vessel of 1000ml capacity with slightly concave bottom has a flenged edge at the top to accept a fitted cover having four holes. One hole placed in the centre. The shaft of the motor is fitted on an up right and has an electronic speed regulating device that allows the speed to be varied from 25 to 250 RPM. The shaft is 6mm dia 30cms on with basket fitted at end rotates smoothly and without any significant wobble. The basket consists of two parts one of which is attached to the shaft. It is of solid metal except for 2mm vent and is screwed on the main shaft. Lower part of the basket is held with this part by means of threading and this allows proper removal of lower part for introduction of the test samples. The detachable part of the basket is fabricated of stainless steel mesh formed into cylinder of size 36mm x 25mm dia. The equipment is workable on 220 volts 50 C/s A.C.     



dissolution rate test equipments

COSLAB Model PI – 38 Dissolution Rate Test Equipment : −− do −− same as above but three stages.



double unit organ bath

COSLAB Model PI –  58 Double Unit Organ Bath : A perspex organ bath with fine thermostatic temperature control, electric stirrer and complete set of accessories, making it a versatile unit for all research work. Bath 12"x9"x8", with leak proof dovetailed joints, resting in sturdy metal frame; top of the bath carries a 1"x3/8" thick band, for fixing accessories, inside the bath is a metal sheathed heating element (easily replaceable) controlled by means of a fine adjustable thermostat with sensitivity ±1°C.
The stirrer unit is completely independent and dips in the bath in one corner, fixing on its special stainless steel upright. A M.S. junction box is fitted to the bath frame and carries all the electrical leads and connections, two pilot lamps indicate functioning of the thermostat and stirrer.
Standard components are :

  • Double set of glass inner vessels

  • Oxygen tubes

  • Warming coils

  • Two stainless steel capillary levers

  • Four stainless steel uprights with boss heads

  • X blocks  



eddys hot plate

COSLAB Model PI –  5 Analgesiomfeter (Eddy's Hot Plate) : Consisting of 30x30cms heating surface with perpex enclosure and solid state temperature controller with micro-controller based digital temperature indicator controller to set surface temp between 30°C to 80°C.



electronic stimulator

COSLAB Model PI – 41 Electronic Stimulator : Available in five models

  1. Student Stimulators Transistorised : Out put 0-25 DC in two steps, duration .5 ro 1.5ms frequency 5 to 100 c/s in 11 steps, modes, single, repetitive or an external trigger, for 220V 50Hz.

  2. Student Electronic Stimulator Latest Design :

    • Frequency continuously variable from 0.1Hz to 100Hz in 3 decades of 0.1 to 1, 1 to 10 and 10 to 100 selectable through push-button controls and one continuously variable control.

    • Output voltage continuously variable from 0 to 30V in two steps of 1 to 3 and 1 to 30, selectable through a switch.

    • Fixed pulse duration 1m sec

    • Single & external trig. single pulse facility.

    • Sensitive speaker to give audible indication or each output

    • High stability new circuitry minimises external interference.      

  3. Stimulator General Purpose : Provides rectangular pulse of controlled amptitude 0.1 - 100V. Frequency 0.1 - 1000 PPS & width 0.01 to 100mm.

Research Stimulator With R.F. Isolation unit : Provides rectangular pulse of controlled polarity, Amptitude 1.5mV to 150V, frequency 0.1 to 10 KCS delay 10 micro sec to 1 sec & width 10 micro sec to 1 sec.



fume hood

COSLAB Model PI – 49 Fume Hood : Wooden with sunmica. basic unit with table, with F.R.P. wall lining, flourscent light, complete with exhaust system, fume duct PVC (PRF) 

Working Area : 2' x 2' x 2' , 3' x 2' x 2'



tablet hardness monsanto type

COSLAB Model PI –  83 Tablet Hardness Tester Monsanto Type : A fairly handy instrument for taking quick readings for the hardness of tablets. It is made of brass turned parts. Heavily chrome plated the scale is 0 to 20KG. The index mark and division is in reading . Scale is adjustable for zero setting as per size of the tablets.



tablet hardness tester pfizer type

COSLAB Model PI – 84 Tablet Hardness Tester Pfizer Type : Capacity 0 to 20Kg dial type, packed in niced polished wooden box.



Heating Mantles : Made of glass yarn with On/Off switch. available in following sizes :-

50ml       60Watt

100ml     60Watt

250ml    150Watt

500ml     200Watt

1 Lit.      300Watt

2 Lit.      450Watt

3 Lit.      450Watt

5 Lit.      600Watt

10 Lit.   2x500Watt



histmine chambers

COSLAB Model PI –  51 Histamine Chambers : A compact histamine aerosol apparatus consisting of a clear perspex exposition chamber divided in two sections and all glass neubilizer and dial type sphygmomanometer for assay of anti-histamines drug on guinea-pigs etc.



hot air sterlizer

COSLAB Model CLE – 101 Hot Air Sterlizer (Oven) : Double walled suitably insulated temp. control 50°C to 250°C ±1°C by E.G.O. thermostat inner chamber aluminium / stainless steel. Fitted with L shape thermometer. Available in Aluminium & S,S, in various sizes.
Inner chamber size :

  • 12" x 12" x 12"

  • 14" x 14" x 14"

  • 16" x 16" x 16"

  • 18" x 18" x 18"

  • 24" x 18" x 18"

  • 24" x 24" x 24"

  • 36" x 24" x 18" 

hot plates

Hot Plates : Round 20cm (8") dia single operated

  • Complete with three step rotary switch, plug & cord

  • Same as above with double plates of 8" dia

  • Hot plates rectangular electrically operated complete with 3 step switch with cord and plug.

    • 300 x 250mm (12" x 10") 

    • 400 x 250mm (16" x 10")

    • 450 x 300mm (18" x 12")

    • 600 x 180mm (24" x 18")



incubators pharmacy

Incubators : Thermostatically controlled by thermostat ambient to 80°C with a sensitivity ±1°C. Beaded heating elements are placed in ribs at bottom and sides. Double walled inside aluminium or stainless steel and outside mild steel sheet painted with attractive enamel. Door has double glass viewing, built in horizontal L-shape thermometer with perforated adjustable shelves, two pilot lamps, ON/OFF switch. To work on 220/230 volts A.C.
Inner Chamber size    Aluminium & S.S.

  • 300 x 300 x 300mm (12"x12"x12")      

  • 350 x 350 x 350mm (14"x14"x14")

  • 300 x 400 x 400mm (16" x 16" x 16")



infrared moisture balance

COSLAB Model PI – 52 Infrared  Moisture Balance : A basic method for determination of moisture content, measure percent by weighing and drying simultaneously. Infra red radiation are reflected by a bulb and its temperature is controlled by a regulator.
The balance scale is divided in terms of moisture content on wet weight basic.
Specifications :

Range :

 0 - 100 %

Accuracy :


Dimension :

 28 x 35cm

Weight :


Sample Weight :

 5gm, 10gm, 20gm, 25gm as required

A.C. Mains:

220V 50Hz



karl fischer apparatus

COSLAB Model PI – 53 Karl Fischer Apparatus for Moisture Content Determination :

  1. Microprocessor K.F. moisture titrator with built in magnetic stirrer, auto computation of moisture in ppm, %age and mg H2O storage of date, time, batch no. & final results of 20 titrations. K.F. reagent dispensing by motorised process. Final results are flashed on 8 digit display. External printer attachment facility available.

  2. Auto Karl Fischer Titrimeter (Deluxe Model)  having seperate control and stirring units with array of 10 LED, buzzer auto zero burette, adjustable timer, dual platinum electrode and other accessories.

  3. Auto Karl Fischer Titrimeter with seperate control and stirrer unit auto zero burette, dual platinum electrode & other accessories.



laboratory stirrer

Mechanical Stirrer (laboratory Stirrer) : Fitted with speed regulator, height and space adjustable. 1/20 H.P. AC/DC motor. 



Motor Driven Disintegrator : Laboratory Size, hammer type with H.P. heavy duty motor (single phase) 220 volts, 50C/s A.C. consisting of four steel hammers fixed to a disc of 3" in dia 1" thick through which passes a shaft being revolved at 3000 RPM. The hammers are enclosed in a C.I. drum, the sides and upper surface of which are roughened in a C.I. drum, the sides and upper surface of which are roughned. The inner surface is undulating. The lower part of drum is made of chrome plated brass and is detachable so that SS sieves of different mesh size (a set of three sieves of coarse, medium & fine) supplied with the instrument can be easily placed. Hopper is made of die casted aluminium, built on angle iron frame of size 24" x 14" x 20" high. 



Large Size Operation Table

Operation Table Large Size : made entirely from stainless steel, in two halves slopping towards the centre a small wedge over the whole length separates the two halves, under the wedge provided a brass drain pipe. Removable and replaceable by sliding IN or OUT blood and other fluids flow towards the centre of the table, from where these drip into the drain pipe and carried through an end drain tube to the recepatable after operation the whole top can be washed clean the drain pipe removed, cleared and replaced the S.S. top is heated, a set of electric lamps placed to effect balanced heat distribution dog holder with its SS upright slide along slot in the top useful for fixing accessories. A S.S. swing tray is fitted on a upright in one corner of the top useful for placing dissecting instruments accessories etc. Steep pipe frame handle and wheels for conscience in moving. Table top size 51" x 18" x 40" high.      



Rat Operating Table

Rat Operating Table (Tilting)  



pole climbing apparatus

COSLAB Model PI –  65 Pole Climbing Apparatus : New improved model built in solid state buzzer and stimulator to provide electrical shocks of 400V in pulsating rates 0.2mA a frequency of 5 per sec for a duration controlled manually or by built in 30 second timer. Output available for recording on Kymograph or polygraph complete to work on 220V AC.



polishing apparatus

COSLAB Model PI – 62 Polishing Pan : Detachable polishing pan for use with tablet coating pan. Made of mild steel painted and provided with inner lining of superior canvas cloth, inner dia 12" x 8" high with opening of 7" dia neck used for polishing tablets.



rabbit holder

COSLAB Model PI – 68 Rabbit Holder : Box from fine plywood acrylic sheet front, top lid opening air window, push system and neck holding clamp provided.



Sherrington Rotating Drum

COSLAB Model PI – 70 Sherrington Rotating Drum : Electrical E-8 Student Kymograph with special heavy duty motor, oil lapped gear systems, speeds from 0.12 mm/sec to 640 mm/sec, in 8 steps, jerk free running, instantaneous start & stop clutch. Stainless steel spindle with screw lift 15 x 15cm cylinder with levelling screws, pilot lamp, plug & cord.




COSLAB Model PI – 79 Spirometer : 6 litre capacity for vital capacity, or use as a gasometer with chain compensated counter balance to the float balanced through cut its movement. Pulley calibrated to denote volume inlet and outlet tubes, side cock for gases, cock for draining off water strong construction. Complete with corrugated tube mouth piece & recording lever.   



Tablet Triturate Moulds

COSLAB Model PI –  81 Tablet Triturate Moulds : With pegs and holes. Phenolic die cast with acrylic sheet with set of holes and guide holes. 30 moulds set.



tele thermometer

COSLAB Model PI – 89 Tele-thermometer: Use for Pyrogen testing 0 to 6 channel (Digital displpay Temperature) with 6 probes.

−− do −− with single probe. 



sieves for powder shifting

Sieves For Powder Shifting : Stainless Steel wire mesh size 10, 16, 22, 30, 44, 60, 80, 8" dia mounted in a brass rim 2" high machine made and fit one above the other.

−− do −− 100 and 120 No



tincture press

COSLAB Model PI – 93 Tincture Press : Extra heavy duty for making tinctures, decotious infusion etc. cap. 1 Lit. stainless steel disc, with screw drive, stainless steel mesh as inner perforated vessel with stop cock.



tray dryer

COSLAB Model CLE – 127 Tray Dryer : Different sizes Tray Dryer are available as follows but without trays. Chamber size in mm (WxDxH) approx tray capacity :-

  • 430 x 840 x 650mm 8 Trays   16"x32"x1 1/4" size

  • 430 x 840 x 910mm 12 Trays     −− do −−

  • 910 x 840 x 910mm  24 Trays     −− do −−

  • 960 x 1270 x 1450mm 48 Trays     −− do −−

  • 960 x 1700 x 1700mm 96 Trays     −− do −−



rotarod apparatus

COSLAB Model PI – 72 Rotarod Apparatus : (Latest with digital counter) For determining neuro-pixicity, muscle tone, balance and motor co-ordination in rats and mice. Consisting of two or three or four compartments of 75mm width each with a rotating rod of 25mm diameter having speeds of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 rpm with time interval counter in each compartments. 



rotarod apparatus

COSLAB Model PI – 73 −− do −− Same as above but in Four Compartments.



rotarod apparatus

−− do −− Same as above but in Five Compartments.



sieve shaker

Sieve Shaker (Hand Operated) : Can accommodate up to 7 sieves of 8" dia during a train or gears operated by a hand wheel. A heavy fly wheel ensured smooth operation. Supplied without test sieves and lid receiver. 



student organ part

Student Organ Bath : A prespex organ bath with fine thermostatic temperature control. Complete with accessories, bath size 8" x 4" x 5" with leak proof dovetailed joints, fitted on sturdy metal frame.  



soxhlet extraction

COSLAB Model CLE – 125 Soxhlet Extraction :

  1. Heater Mantle Type : Unit of three or six. Available in different capacities.

  2. Hot Plate Type : Tis heater is used to heat soxhlet flasks and it consists of a mild steel housing. Unit of three or six. Three or six hot plates of dia 4 1/2" are mounted on top of the housing and can be operated by individual a) ON/OFF switch   b) Rotary switch  c) Energy regulator as per requirements. Mild steel housing has two rods with two adjustable cross rods on which the glass apparatus can be fixed. Electrically operated on 220 / 230 volts AC mains with max. power rating of  900 watts. The apparatus is supplied without glass parts.

  3. Glass Parts : Complete with one flask and bulb condenser with interchangeable joints. Different capacities.      



Long Wave UV Inspection Cabinet

COSLAB Model PI – 97 U.V. Inspection Cabinet Long Wave :

  1. U.V. Chromatography : Inspection cabinet for viewing and detecting separated substances on T.L.C. layers fitted with long wave (365nm) U.V. lamp for use on 220V A.C.

  2. U.V. Chromatography : Inspection cabinet for viewing and detecting separating substances on T.L.C. layers fitted with two different wave length U.V. tubes for use on 220V A.C.

  3. U.V. Inspection Cabinet (Short and Long Wave) Dual Wave : Having imported filters fitted with separate low pressure mercury vapour tubes for short U.V. (254nm) and long U.V. (365nm) plus separate lamp for visible light, the low pressure mercury vapour tubes in this model facilitate immediate use for inspection as you switch on.

  4. Separate U.V. tube.   

vortex mixer

Vortex Mixer : Vibration type, variable speed, neoprene cup impart vigorous agitation to tubes, with touch ON/OFF switch.



water  deionization apparatus

COSLAB Model PI – 99 Water Deionization Apparatus : The plant consists of one cation exchanger column containing cation exchanger resin. One anion exchanger column containing anion exchanger resin. Plant is mounted on M.S. stand with assembly of valves and tubing. One conductivity meter with cell to monitor the ionised solids of purified water and thus control the functions of demineralization. The meter is direct reading having reading heavy range 0.40 microns / cm.

  • Cap. of flow rate 30 to 50 Lit/hr

Cap of flow rare 75 to 100 Lit / hr.   



y maze


  • Semi Automatic Y Shaped Maze for study of shock motivated brightness discrimination responses in rats. With wire grill, cue light, grill charge and rat presence indicators, adjustable shock stimulus 0.1 to 1.0 mA. remote control unit permits easy handling and operation of pre-programmed experimental procedure from distance without touching or disturbing the animal.

Automatic Y made : Same as above but with timer from 0 to 999.9 second to measure the latency time and also monitors the movement of rat automatically.  

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