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Penta Head Microscope or Multi Viewing Microscopes


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Cosmo Laboratory Equipments is widely known as Penta Head Microscope Manufacturers. This Microscope is Equipped with 5 Heads for 5 persons Observing at the Same Time with the features of Infinite Optical System, Effective illumination, LED Pointer and images Coherence, it is widely used in Clinic, Research and Teaching Demonstration.

Multi Viewing Microscope COSLAB Model: HL-55

Multi Viewing Microscope COSLAB Model: HL-55 Specifications:

Optical System: lnfinite Optical System

Viewing Head:
a) Compensation Free trinocular Head, lnclined at 30° , 360° Ratatable, lnterpupilary Distance 48-75mm -- 1 pc.
b) Compensation Free binocular Head, lnclined at 30° , 360° Ratatable, lnterpupilary Distance 48-75mm -- 4 pcs.

Eyepiece: Extra Wide Field Eyepiece WF10X/20 -- 10 pcs.

Objectives: lnfinite plan achromat objective 4x, 10x, 40x & 100x

Mechanical Stage: Double Layers Mechanical Stage 185x142mm, Moving Range 75x55mm

Quintuple Reverse Turret : Coaxial Coarse & Fine Focus Adjustment, Fine Division 0.002mm;

Illumination: External lllumination,Halongen Lamp 12v50w

Pointer: Green LED Pointer ,Brightness Adjustable

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